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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Review: The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop

Doesn't everybody shop for running shoes on snowy days?
Seven inches of new snow on the ground and biting temperatures in the middle of November means it’s time to go buy new running shoes, right? That’s what I did yesterday and I’m here to report on my experience.  I have taken my son and a couple friends to get fitted for the right shoe and I refer anyone who asks and many that don’t to The Pulse, Shu’s IdahoRunning Co, or Bandanna Running and Walking.  They always have positive experiences.

Here are some explanations of the three most important running shoe features.

Neutral – No built in features to correct behavior of the foot and ankle on impact.

Cushioning – Soft stuff in the sole.  Ah, yes!

Stability – This feature prevents the foot from rolling too much on impact. There are various degrees of stability available.

Confession: I have never been fitted for shoes! In fact, I stumbled upon some Asics with a little stability in them once and I have continued to use a stability shoe (except for these) ever since. I discovered something yesterday.  I don’t need a stability shoe!  This is how I know.

I chose to visit The Pulse for two reasons.  First – They use a treadmill and a video camera.  Second – Location. The owner (I apologize that I didn't catch her name) first checked my arches and had me walk across the floor in my stocking feet so she could see what my ankles, especially my Achilles tendon, did when I walked.  It was neutral – it stayed mostly straight while I walked. (This is important as I have been struggling with some tendonitis and sciatica.) She began bringing several pairs of brightly colored shoes for me to try.  I donned a pair and hopped on the treadmill to look for a couple of things.  First – how did the shoe feel? Second – what happened with my Achilles as I ran?  The second purpose was aided by a video camera aimed at the back of my feet that could be slowed and stopped to evaluate how my feet, ankles, and the shoes behaved together. She was very patient and allowed me to take as much time as I needed to make the best choice possible.  There was no hard sell!

After trying out five or six pair – I ran in each pair and even ran in two different shoes for comparison – I chose the Asics Gel-Cumulus. They have some nice cushioning and I am excited to see how they perform for me.  I tried other brands – Saucony, Brooks, and Mizuno – but I went back to Asics.  Now, if the weather would just warm up so I could take them for a ride!
My new shoes!

Reasons to visit a running store:
  • The owners are runners.
  • Treadmills and video cameras.
  • A better fit means more success on the run.
  • Performance shoes are more comfortable and less likely to promote injury than cheaper models, saving money in the long run.
  • Performance shoes wear longer than lesser models.
  • Your feet and ankles will thank you!
If you have never visited a running shoe store it might be time.  Whether you are a walker or a beginning runner, there is no need to be intimidated. They are there to help. Visit ThePulse and tell them Running Granny Green sent you!

Do you have a product or service you would like to know more about?  Comment below or message me on Facebook and we will see what information we can find.

Happy Running!