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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Surviving the inversion

Where have the days gone?  It could be just a January funk, but I am blaming my lack of activity on the inversion in the Treasure Valley.  I am grateful for skiing because it gives me a chance to get out of the heavy, dark, cold air and locate the sun still shining in the sky!  This is the view of the valley engulfed in phmog (My term for the pollutant infused fog trapped below warm air.)
View from Pioneer parking lot at Bogus Basin

That white sea is the top of the layer of phmog.  There are thousands of people roaming below unaware of the beauty that shines above.  It reminds me of Mordor. (See J.R.R. Tolkien)
I attempted to keep up my running routine.  See this post.  When the temps dipped below 0 and remained under 10 degrees for most of the day, I gave up.  I've been doing some yoga, but it isn't my strong suit!  It takes more patience than I am used to devoting to an activity!

The beauty of super cold temps is that it produces some sparkly snow! My daugter would love it.

Fortunately, there was a break in the weather today!  Yay!  Freezing rain!  Who would have thought I would be grateful for freezing rain?  It cleared the air and allowed the blue sky to peek through the phmog.  Temperatures climbed into the high twenties.  I went for a walk with only a sweatshirt to keep me warm! (And pants and shoes, etc.) It was only a mile, but at least I can report that I logged A Mile For My Heart. Check out the Facebook page.  It is intended to help keep me motivated.  Others can join and chime in with what motivates them to move.
I am trying to beat heart disease and stroke.  What about you?

Happy Running!
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Monday, January 7, 2013


Finally, a snowstorm!
Finally!  I have been waiting for a snowstorm.  Not because I was so anxious to run in one, but I wanted it to warm up enough to snow so that I could stand to run outside.  I am not an indoor runner.  Give me the open road, passing cars to dodge, and an occasional barking dog to avoid and I am a happy runner. I have also been waiting for two years to try out my Yaktrax, a Christmas gift from my youngest son.

It wasn't a long run, and I am sure it wasn't pretty, but it was a run none the less. (Is that supposed to be one word?)

Lucky running socks
I donned my new lucky running socks (a Christmas gift from my good buddy, Paulee), double layers on my legs and torso, headband, gloves, running tunes, hooded sweatshirt, running shoes (still sporting jingle bells from Bust Your Bells Fun Run), my Yaktrax, and off I ran!
Snowflakes stayed on my nose and eyelashes.  The Yaktrax were very effective on loose and packed snow - not so good on ice.  Who needs to run on ice, anyway?

Yaktrax Tracks