Motivation for Runners

I often hear people say, "You love to run." Correction: I don't especially love to run, but I love how running makes me feel - stronger, younger, healthier, happier. Those are the things that motivate me.  I'll admit that sometimes I don't want to run. Sometimes I need a reminder to motivate me to lace up my running shoes and step out the door. Those are the times I need to be reminded why I run.

Motivation to Run for Physical Health

I intend to be an octogenarian. It isn't really a lofty goal. You see, I come from a long line of octogenarians. It's in my genes. I also have stroke, Type II Diabetes, and heart disease as hereditary risk factors. And so … I run.
If I am going to be eighty-something or even ninety-something, I would like to keep my faculties as long as I can. What good does it do to reach a goal if one can't enjoy it once she arrives? And so … I run.
These articles will explore the benefits of running for physical health.

Running to Increase Physical Endurance on the Ski Hill

Motivation to Run for Mental Health

When I'm healthy, I'm happy. The reverse is also true - when I have the stomach flu, I am unhappy! It's more complicated than that. Running, or exercise, can improve the mental and emotional health of the runner. She may simply feel a sense of accomplishment or she may be happy because her clothing fits better, but studies show that enough strenuous exercise can lessen the symptoms and effects of stress, anxiety and depression.
These articles will show the correlation between running and improved mental health.

Running for Immediate Stress Relief

Motivation to Running for Fun

One might argue that running for enjoyment is the same as running for mental health. While the two are connected, the sustained efforts of running for mental health are rewarded over time while running for enjoyment is more immediate - more entertaining.
These articles will look at ways running buddies, races, and other running activities enhance life and bring immediate satisfaction and joy.

How Many Running Buddies do You Need?

If you need help finding motivation to run, I hope you find it here.

Why do I run?
I am running away from a stroke. Running lowers my blood pressure.
I am running away from diabetes. Running keeps my weight down, thus controlling my blood sugar.
I am running from heart disease.
Can I beat all the risk factors? Maybe not, but I think my odds are better if I try to outrun them than if I open the door and invite them in!
And so … I run!

Why do you run? Please share your motivation tips in the comments below.

Running Granny Green encourages women, especially grandmothers, to gain greater fitness by providing tips and inspiration to insure long years of joyful grand-parenting. The cookie recipes are a bonus!

Happy Running!
- Carol aka Running Granny Green
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