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Books by Carol M Green, aka Running Granny Green! You can find my books on this page, but I will also be adding/reviewing/recommending books by other authors here.  If you have a great read, especially about health or physical activity, I would like to hear about it so it can be shared with other readers.  Thanks!

The Hard Run: Painful Lessons from a Running Granny is available in My Etsy Shop! (See that little runner on the front cover?  That's me!)
Back Cover of The Hard Run

It is also available in print and on Kindle from Amazon.

A little about this book:
This book is an exploration of different types of pain, their value and consequences, and the value of the lessons learned through experiencing various kinds of pain. It is divided into three sections.  Section I – When Pain Means “Stop!” addresses the kinds of situations or behavior that should be abandoned immediately.  Section II – When Pain Means “Don’t Stop!” examines the things that help us stretch and grow.  Section III – It Hurts When I do This and That’s Okay looks at pain that simply exists as part of our human experience.

I would hope that the reader will be entertained and instructed, especially instructed. Perhaps, some unfortunate life experiences can be avoided if one heeds the lessons within these pages. At the least, I would hope that this book helps the reader understand and appreciate the value of discomfort.  There is a lesson in everything, whether we like it or not.

Here is my first book (2nd Edition) Gold Pans and Iron Skillets.  You can find it on Amazon and Kindle, or order a signed copy directly from me through My Etsy Shop!

A little about the book:
My parents raised seven children, the first arriving during World War II.  Recovering one's dreams after the war was difficult and though they didn't always provide monetary riches, the life lessons they taught were invaluable. Dad could do anything -- farming, building, mining for gold, and telling jokes.  Mom could make a meal out of seemingly nothing, she could construct and later remodel an evening gown from scratch, and now eighty-four-years-old she still gives good advice.  It is this heritage that inspired Gold Pans and Iron Skillets.

Gold Pans and Iron Skillets is a collection of life lessons presented in a humorous, yet practical form.  There are three main themes throughout this work.  1) Life is not as complicated as most folks believe.  Teaching frugality is as simple as boning a fish.  2)  There is a lesson in every experience.  Often the journey is more valuable than the outcome.  3) One can find humor in any situation and a sense of humor may very well save one’s sanity.  

My second book, Milk Cans and Quilt Blocks, is also available on Amazon and Kindle, or in My Etsy Shop!  

A little about the book:
While I was dating my husband, he being a dairy farmer, I occasionally had the opportunity to visit the dairy barn. It was there that the charming young man transformed into a smelly workman, clothed in insulated coveralls and irrigation boots. The aromas swirling about in a dairy barn are distinctly “bovine.”  Manure, warm cows’ milk, hay, and the bodily scent of dairy cows combine to give a trademark odor to a dairy farm.

On one cold October evening, I was returning to the house, for my delicate nose could only abide the aroma for a short time. I had good intentions.  I thought that surely he must be lonely in the barn with no one to commune except the cows. However, my visits were short lived. On my flight to the refuge of the house, I had the distinct impression that he was The One, and that this country life was the life I would choose in which to raise my family. Sure enough, he was indeed, The One. And so it began.

The country life I envisioned is not the one that we have followed. The cows were sold off long ago and we have moved from the dairy. We do continue to live the country life, so far as it suits us.  The dairyman I married now counsels other farmers in crop production.  I still bake from scratch and preserve many fruits and vegetables. We live in a small rural community, but we seldom come into contact with smelly dairy cows. Those cows, however, continue to influence our lives, as you will discover on the pages of this book. I have learned that it is not so much where one lives his life. It is with whom he lives that makes the difference.

My first children's book is based on a true story about a boy learning to ice skate. His enthusiasm made for a fun adventure. Gary Learns to Skate is illustrated by six year-old Margaret Marie Olson! Her visual interpretation of my story is delightful!

A little about the book:
Gary is a little boy who loves to learn new things.  Sometimes learning is very hard, but Gary never gives up. In this story his awesome aunts help him learn to skate. The story demonstrates Mrs. Green’s motto, “Learn to laugh and laugh while you learn." Also on Amazon and Etsy.

Released in February 2016, Gary Learns to Fish, is the second in the Gary Learns series. It is illustrated by Margaret Marie Olson. True to her taste and style, this illustrated story is sure to delight youngsters. Wait until you see the fishing cat!

                                         A little about the book:
Carol M Green is pleased to announce the release of her second children’s book, Gary Learns to Fish, illustrated by Margaret Marie Olson. Gary is a little boy who loves to learn new things.  He knows that learning should be fun. In this story his awesome aunts help him learn to fish. The story demonstrates Mrs. Green’s motto, “Learn to laugh and laugh while you learn.”

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Running Granny Green encourages women, especially grandmothers, to gain greater fitness by providing tips and inspiration to insure long years of joyful grand-parenting. The cookie recipes are a bonus!

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- Carol aka Running Granny Green

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