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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Guest Blogger: Jane writes about her best daily practice

Meet Jane Freund, an author, speaker and book coach based in Boise, Idaho. Previously, Jane taught Communication for ten years at Boise State University.

My Best Daily Practice

One of the best things I've done for myself is to take perfection off my table of expectations! One of the benefits of doing so is admitting that I am a human being who makes unintentional and intentional mistakes. Furthermore, I interact with other humans who do the same. Such errors can be in my personal life when I miss a crucial date, say something I shouldn't or otherwise screw up. In terms of my professional life, I can forget a meeting, blow off a deadline or do something that I should not. Of course, others are guilty of making similar or other mistakes that affect me. So what am I to do?

At the end of the day, I have a choice: unpack my bag of mistakes and deal with them OR carry them into the next day. Simply put, am I going to forgive or hang onto the offenses on the road to building a first-class grudge? I have found that the best thing to do at the end of each day is to forgive and to move on. Please note that I did NOT say stuff your feelings but rather acknowledge and deal with them. Facing the feelings is at the core of forgiveness. The feelings may be small and more easily dealt with bigger ones that have likely hit old nerves.

I define forgiving as "A premeditated decision (NOT a feeling) to let go of negative feelings toward someone who has hurt you." If I wait until I FEEL like forgiving, I may never get around to it (particularly if the offense hits an old nerve). Rather, I CHOOSE to forgive so that I will feel better. Hanging onto the negative feelings takes energy I would rather expend in more positive ways.

Think of forgiving as making a healthy choice for YOU! When I made the choice to start forgiving on a daily (if not more frequent) basis, I began feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Oh and if you are waiting for the other person to forgive first, then I have a question for you: Why are you giving YOUR power to somebody else? You have the capacity to feel better without somebody else's involvement. That's a much easier route to take!

Most importantly, forgive yourself because then you will feel better about yourself and in turn, about others as well.

Jane Freund is an author, encourager, speaker and book coach who has written 17 books and helped over 70 people achieve their publishing dreams. Her latest book is "Fascinated by Forgiveness - A Practical Guide for Forgiving & Being Forgiven". In addition, Jane taught Communication for ten years at Boise State University. Her books can be found at,, and Smashwords. You can find her on Facebook at

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