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Monday, November 26, 2012

Just trotting ...

Ugh!  This morning’s run was rough.  I believe that is because Thanksgiving week was accompanied by the remnants of a cold that had knocked me off my game for a few days. Contrary to my own advice, I did not run while I was sick.  I was just too tired!  The week was busy with work, travel, and dinner preparations.  My hubby and I did manage to squeeze in a Thanksgiving Day trot around the neighborhood in Hyde Park (Cache Valley) prior to the traditional turkey day indulging.  Hyde Park is hilly and sits at around 5000 feet.  We followed the path of least resistance, walking the hills and running the downhill.  Hey, it was a holiday!  You didn’t expect us to knock ourselves out?  
This morning was a post-holiday, post-travel, post-illness run.  The temperature was sub-30 degrees, but the sun was out!  My running buddy and I ran a mile (slowly), walked a half mile, and picked up the pace a bit on another mile run. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a run!  That’s what counts.  Keep moving, even if it isn’t your best effort. It still counts, especially when it would be easier to stay indoors.
Happy Running!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Leaves and more leaves!

Boy, have I been neglecting my blog, or what?  I've been busy running and picking up leaves, and trying to promote a run and picking up leaves, and doing other stuff and picking up leaves!  I think my trees have finally lost most of their foliage, and so have the neighbors' trees.  The wind started to blow.  Now that I have picked up most of my leaves, the neighbor leaves are coming for a visit.  The trouble is - they stay. How does that work, anyway?  My leaves are tiny and they drop straight down.  They stay where they land until I pick them up, but the neighbors have big leaves and if they wait long enough, their leaves just blow away - usually to my house!
Enough of that rant!
Come join us for the Bust Your Bells Fun Run on December 15.  The leaves should be gone by then!