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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Leaves and more leaves!

Boy, have I been neglecting my blog, or what?  I've been busy running and picking up leaves, and trying to promote a run and picking up leaves, and doing other stuff and picking up leaves!  I think my trees have finally lost most of their foliage, and so have the neighbors' trees.  The wind started to blow.  Now that I have picked up most of my leaves, the neighbor leaves are coming for a visit.  The trouble is - they stay. How does that work, anyway?  My leaves are tiny and they drop straight down.  They stay where they land until I pick them up, but the neighbors have big leaves and if they wait long enough, their leaves just blow away - usually to my house!
Enough of that rant!
Come join us for the Bust Your Bells Fun Run on December 15.  The leaves should be gone by then!