Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Perfect Moments

Every once in a while you find a perfect moment ...

What a beautiful evening for a run!  I keep praying for precipitation because it is dearly needed, but I do so love a run in the sun.  I’ve been grumbling all week about Daylight Savings Time because it has messed up my mornings, but it certainly helped make this evening great.  I thought my day was too full to work in a run, but even after feeding my hubby his supper and getting him out the door for a meeting it was still nice and warm with enough daylight left to hit the pavement and log a few miles. Some cool things happened …

I was able to run in a short sleeved shirt.  Love that.

I ran upon a friend who was out for a walk.  I abandoned the run and enjoyed her company for about a mile.

After the walk, I felt like I needed to make up some time so the next mile and half turned into speed work.  It just happened.

I arrived home and decided that the night was young and warm and I had time to run farther, so off I trotted for an easy mile cool down.

I am looking forward to some balmy running weather.  I am a realist, however, and know that mixed amongst those balmy runs are rain and wind and hail and more wind! For today, though, the weather was perfect!

I am grateful for moments of perfection.
Question: Have you had a moment of perfection lately?

Happy Running!

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