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Friday, April 26, 2013

Ten Reasons to Love Running …

1 – No gym membership dues.

2 – People think you are awesome.

3 – It can lower your blood pressure.

4 – Running can lower your weight.

5 – People think you are crazy.

7 – Racing.

8 – Running gives you a reason to listen to music.

10 – Grandchildren.
I could go on, but you get the picture.  There are more reasons to run than there are reasons not to run!

Why do you love running or another favorite physical activity?

Happy Running!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Everybody needs one of these!

Why didn’t I know about that!

This expression often comes out of my mouth when I discover that someone else has a piece of information that would make my life better in some fashion and I feel cheated that I had not known about it sooner.  Such was the case when I recently visited friends/relatives and my friend was carrying what looked like a large hook for a hanging pot.  I paid little attention to it until a noticed she had it slung over her shoulder while sitting on the sofa watching TV.  Now I was curious.

“What IS that?” I asked.

Her hubby chimed in, “It’s a TheraCane.”

“A what?”

“A TheraCane … for massaging your back.”

I finally understand the Amazon smile. 
I was SO HAPPY to get this box!
I watched as she held one end of the cane and worked a knob on the other into the knotted muscles in her back. I have a pretty good massager of my own (Hubby), but his hand tires quickly and he can’t always find the right spot between my shoulders, so when she offered, I jumped at the chance to give it a try. Incredible!  I shopped Amazon and bought one of my own.  I really hate to deny Hubby the chance to serve, but it is easier to find the knot than to explain to another where it is AND I get to control the pressure. My TheraCane has become a permanent fixture in my living room this week.  I highly recommend getting one of your own.  If it doesn’t work for you, you can always use it to hold a hanging pot!
P.S.  Runners:  The shorter knobs work great for massaging arches!

Happy Running!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where Were You?

I use my iPod for two purposes. One is to pass the time on long airline flights (they are few and far between) and the other is to keep me running when I don’t have a running buddy along for a chat.   Some of the music is slow and I have to skip over those songs. I like Alan Jackson, The Beatles, Jason Aldean, and Broadway Soundtracks.  I use the shuffle mode because I like to be surprised when a new song begins to play.

One song that frequently tumbles in is “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?” by Alan Jackson.  (It’s an old album.) I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the Twin Towers were hit. I was in my lab bending wires for retainers while my children were getting ready for school.  I remember it like yesterday.  So too, I suppose, shall I remember the Boston Bombings as Monday’s attack has been dubbed.

Monday morning I was very interested in the Women’s Elite race. I had been casually following Shalane Flannagan and Kara Goucher as they trained for Boston.  I had a friend visit just as the race was ending.  She isn’t a runner, nor is she an avid fan, but I forced her to watch.  Congratulations to those two American runners!

Later in the day I was once again I my lab bending wires when I received a call from my friend.

“Are you still watching the Boston Marathon?”  She asked.  She then informed me of the blasts that had occurred.  I turned on the TV and began watching the coverage.  Here are some observations:

·         Innocent people always suffer from selfish acts of others.

·         Heroes always surface in the face of tragedy.

·         There is more goodness in the world than bad.

·         The world doesn’t stop turning. Our understanding of the world changes.

·         Boston Bombings did not have the magnitude of 9/11, but for a few the pains and suffering are greater because it affected them personally.

·         Everyday people suffer tragedies and nobody knows.  The rest of us go on our merry way.


Boston will remain vivid in my memory as does 9/11.  I am certain I will consider both when Alan Jackson begins to croon, “Where were you when …”

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Run in the Sun

Ah, the beauty of a run in the sun!  The weather has been wreaking havoc on my training as of late.  I am afraid I will have to postpone my next half marathon for a bit. The cold temps and wind, coupled with a gimpy knee have really slowed me down.  Today was warm and sunny and I was determined to go for a run.  I chose to leave my watch and music home and attempt to run in tune with my body – most particularly, my knee.  Rather than attack the run (This is relative.  My “attack” compares to most runners “recovery run.”) I would take it slow and easy and pay attention to twinges so as to stop before they became full blown pains.  As I was preparing to step out the door, my Running Buddy Julie messaged me, offering to run along.  Julie has also been treating some injuries, so she made for a good partner today.
We took it easy, only running (slowly) until the first twinges manifested themselves.  Walking for a bit, we resumed running when the twinges subsided and ran again until they whispered their presence once more.  It wasn’t much of a run, but we covered a good three miles in the sunshine.  We caught up on our visiting as we hadn’t seen each other in a couple weeks.  It felt good to be outside and moving.  It is encouraging to know that the running isn’t over, it has just tapered off for a bit.  I still want to run that half marathon sometime – I really want a do over after the High Desert Half – but for today, I am happy that I can run, that the weather is nice, and that I had a buddy to run with me.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Injuries! Ugh!

I try to be patient.  I really do!  It isn’t something that I was blessed with.  All of the patience I ever exercise requires effort.  That’s why I struggle when exercising requires patience!  Last week it was my back.  This week it’s a knee.  It is hampering my half marathon training and I’m beginning to worry that I may have to reschedule.  I don’t want to do that!  Last time I rescheduled until the half marathon available was this one! I would rather opt for a road race this time. 
Fortunately, the weather is nice enough to bike (easier on the knees), so today I donned my biker gal gear,



It wasn’t the six mile run I needed to do, but it was good to enjoy the scenery, hang with my friend, break in the bike muscles.  The bike seat, however, I could do without!