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Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm Alive!

It took me a few days to know for sure, but I am definitely alive and none the worse for wear - finally.  The High Desert Trail Run half marathon nearly did me in!  My time was pathetic.  I believe that had something to do with the great amount of hiking I did when I should have been running.  I just couldn't.  A 1700 foot climb over 6.5 miles after running 6.5 miles was just too much!  I ran the downhills - what there was of them.  Did I mention it was nearing 90 degrees? 
Combining my first half marathon with my first trail run may not have been my smartest move.  I was smart enough, however, to recruit Susan and Kali.  Without them I may not have made it home.  Thank you, ladies, for your company!
Four(4) days after the race I quit wincing with every step.  My quads have never been so sore for so long in my life! Two days after the race I quit guzzling fluids.  I was finally rehydrated.  One day after the race a fever blister popped out on my lip, but thanks to my friend, Dr. T, I had medicine to halt it.  Seven days after the race I am looking for a training plan for my next challenge.
I know, you think I'm nuts.  Maybe I am, but I have lots of friends who are nutty, too!

Enjoy the pics!

With Susan before the race.
Before the pain.
Oh, lonesome me!

Kali and Susan indulging in chocolate milk.

It's finally over!