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Friday, June 29, 2012

Then What?

What was I thinking?!  I have to run 13.1 miles tomorrow morning in a high desert!  It's gonna be hot!  There is a big hill!  It's a trail run.  (I prefer the security of a solid paved road beneath my feet.)  I'm a grandma!!!!

I remember the first time I rapelled a cliff.  It was scary because I was a mother and knew I had children to live for.  Well, now I have grandchildren to live for.  I hope I don't die!

My gear is ready.  I carbo loaded for two days.  I'm still hydrating.  I hope I sleep tonight!

Race Gear.  Better remember the shoes!
That's how it is with goals at times.  They sound great when we set them.  We move towards them and strive to overcome setbacks.  Sometimes we give up before getting close to the goal.  Other times we panic over the fact that we might actually accomplish the goal - then what?  Well, I'm to the panic part.  I hope I make it to the "then what?" At least they should be able to find me in my bright green shirt if I expire along the way.