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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Running into Nelsons

I seldom frequent running stores.  Not because I don’t like them – I love running stores.  I just don’t venture into the kind of metropolis where running stores are found very often.  I am a rural runner.  It was unusual then that I found myself entering a running store for the third time in one day.  On the first visit I collected a race clock and race prizes from Shu’s Idaho Running Co. for use at the OFB Parma 5K FunRun. The second and third visits found me inside Bandanna Running and Walking attempting to collect more race prizes. (The first visit to Bandanna was fruitless as the prizes were not yet ready for pick-up.)

As I entered the store I had a vague sense of familiarity.  This could have been due to my recent visit just over one hour previously, or because my eyes had been dilated in the interim and everything appeared a bit run together. Whatever the reason, I thought the back of the head of the man standing fifteen feet in front of me was somewhat recognizable.  As he turned to casually observe the newcomer (Me) to the store, I identified my cousin.  I waved and headed in his direction presently recognizing the fair haired lady standing near him as my cousin’s (Not the same cousin) wife.  Recognition lit her face just before I started to chastise – not because she was with the wrong husband (she wasn’t), rather because she was in the area without notifying me. You see, she lives seven hours away.  At this time the second cousin (her husband) peered from behind the first cousin.

We exchanged a few friendly words and more chastising to which Cousin’s Wife replied, “Well, we’re not really here.”  Huh? They weren’t really here because they were heading out of town to the Sawtooth Relays.  I let them off the hook – just a bit.  We had a short running discussion that included the usual content such as, “What races are you running?  Did you buy new shoes?  GU or Powerbar Gel?  What is your best time?  We should run together sometime…”  Then we were off about our business – Cousins to the Sawtooth Relays and I to the Old Fort Boise Days 5K.

 Yeah, we may never run together, but we are likely to run INTO one another!