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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Don't you wish you had this shirt?

Non-runners wonder why we run.  I had a friend ask me, “If you didn’t run, would you be fat?”  Well, yes, I might be.  I would definitely be fatter!  It isn’t just about the fat.  There are many reasons.  Sometimes we run so we can race.  You, see, we really want the shirt.

Today was the Old Fort Boise 5K Fun Run.  It’s a small town event with around a hundred competitors – and they don’t all run.  Some of them walk – and the walkers get the shirt, too.  The time clock showed everyone how quickly they covered 3.1 miles.  It isn’t so much whether you run or walk.  It’s more about getting out and moving for three miles, giving it your best effort, and knowing that next time, if you try just a little harder you might beat  today’s time. 

There are only about 100 shirts like this one around.  It’s a very elite group.  You could be part of it next year!