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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Half

Look closely.  It reads, "Half Marathon!"
I finished my half marathon training this morning.  The four mile run was so much easier than earlier four mile runs.  Those long runs (10 & 11 miles) really change one's perspective!  I have two days to hydrate (It's gonna be hot!) and carbo load (My favorite part about racing!)  I've been working on the mental preparation for some time.  It got a bit of a boost today when one of my running buddies, Susan, decided to sign up for the 10K. Yipee! Misery truly does love company.
I've done the work.  I have the clothes.  I purchased the fuel - Powerbars, gel, sports drinks, etc.  I suppose there isn't much left to do, except maybe pray! I'm excited, apprehensive, and cautious about my expectations.  The goal for my first half marathon, the High Desert Trail Run, is to survive!  That in itself will be a personal record!
Wish me luck!  You can also pray if you would like!