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Monday, July 9, 2012

Looking the Part

Runners come in all shapes and sizes.
I just have to sound off on something this morning.

I have, on several occasions, had conversations with friends about why they do or do not like to run.  All too often they will mention that they are embarrassed to be seen running, or trying to run. (See this Training Tip) I even had a cross country runner complain that someone drove by in a car and made fun of him.  My reply?  “Well, you were running.  They were just sitting in a car.”

This morning as I was running an errand (in my car) I noticed several people out for a morning walk or jog.  They weren’t all especially fit, nor were they necessarily moving very fast, but they WERE moving. 
Maybe it’s because I run and know how difficult it is, but I don’t ever see someone exercising and think, “What are they thinking?  They are too out of shape to be doing that.”  Rather, I think to myself, “Good for them!  They are doing something!”

The way I see it, those that are up and moving are miles ahead of those that are afraid to be caught trying.
We aren't all six foot tall lean mean fighting machines.  So what if something is jiggling while you are trotting along? At least the jiggly parts are not getting larger while you are working out.  Let the onlookers mock and tell yourself, "What they are really saying is, 'I wish I were that brave and strong!"

Question: What gets in your way? What keeps your from MOVING? Tell me about it in the comments below.
Happy Running!

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