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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How do you find time to write?

A pre-published author recently asked, “How do you find time to write?  When do you write?”  I don’t think the answer is in finding time. I believe it lies in making time for writing.  This can be easier said than done.
Momentum is a challenging thing, especially in the writing/publishing/marketing world.  I published my third book two months ago. I finished the writing and publishing process and launched into marketing mode.  As soon as my focus turned to marketing, my writing efforts were put on the back burner.  Although this is a natural flow, the busyness of marketing can derail future publishing efforts if the writer does not stay focused on her long term goals.
Here are a few ideas that help me keep writing.
Set goals – Whether your goal is to publish one book a year or write 5000 words a day, a defined goal will motivate you to press forward.
Make a schedule – This schedule can be fluid to allow for unforeseen interruptions, but an editorial schedule for your blog or a timeline for book chapters will keep you in your writing seat, especially if that schedule has been shared with someone.
Share your goals or schedules – Yes! Tell someone what you plan to do and then go about doing it.  Whether that someone is a book coach, your blog readers, or your significant other the fact that they know about your plan will hold you accountable, even if they have forgotten!
Have more than one project – We creative types can have trouble with goals and schedules that seem to confine us.  Perhaps that is why we need them so badly. A variety of writing projects can lend a sense of freedom to your goals and schedules.  When you don’t feel like working on your next book, you can work on your next blog post or press release. Be mindful, however, that you don’t get caught in Uncompleted Multi-tasking land! We creative types have trouble with that as well.
I am happy to announce that amongst the busyness of book marketing and blogging I have begun writing my next book.  I am carving out, or finding time to write each week so I can work on my long term project while meeting the editorial schedule of this blog and finding new ways to market my existing books. Watch for excerpts in the next few weeks. This one is going to be fun!
Question: Do you have a trick that helps you stay on task?  Share it in the comments below.
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Happy Writing!