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Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Review: Thoughts from a reader

I received this book review from a reader. She recently finished The Hard Run, and wanted to share her thoughts. One of the greatest paybacks for a writer is when a reader gives feedback that indicates they heard exactly what the writer was attempting to communicate. Thanks, Kristie, for sharing your thoughts and your experience of laughing while learning.

“What a great read! I love the quote "Learn to Laugh & Laugh while you Learn!" That should be in every school & place of business. When I got to Distractions I was reminded of a trip to Disneyland. My little family, two of my youngest nephews & my Mom. Mom not a fan of roller coasters was in a very intense conversation with my husband Danny, (he knew what he was doing)! Before Mom knew it she was getting on the California Adventure Roller Coaster, too late to turn back. She went & has never forgotten that trip. We still laugh about it 11yrs later. I also liked your thinking on overthinking. Overthinking a problem seldom solves it. Stop thinking & listen to the music! Thank you Carol keep on running & writing you inspire so many, Kristie Moltke Renfro.”

Keep the book reviews coming!
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