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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guest Blogger Thursday: Call for bloggers

Guest Blogger Thursday has been a fun addition to this blog. I will soon be inviting many of my first time guests back for a repeat performance.  They have added value to this site and I thank them for contributing their experience and words of encouragement to my readers. Their posts have been some of the most popular.

In the meantime ... I am looking for more Guest Bloggers! Do you think you have something to contribute to this site?  Read the information below. If you feel you can fit this criteria, message me at with "Guest Blogger Thursday" in the subject line, or comment below.  We will see what we can work out.

Guest Blogger Thursday
Info Sheet

 I am looking forward to featuring you on my blog, Running Granny Green. These instructions should help us both make the most of this opportunity. I have chosen you because you are an encourager!  The purpose of this blog is to motivate the reader to try a little harder, work a little smarter, be a little kinder, and live a little better. I think you can help do that. 

What I need from you …

1 – A photo and short biography to introduce you to my readers.

2 – Up to three links to your blog, website, Etsy shop, etc. You may include other links in the body of the post as well.

3 – Your feel good post (300 – 600 +/- words) about a subject of your choice that fits the feel of the blog – exercise, nutrition, positive attitude, overcoming obstacles, prayer, comfort food, friendship, etc. I will proof read, but I do not intend to do a lot of editing. I have confidence in you or I would not have invited you!

4 – Email copy and photos to You may include additional photos with your post.

5 – Deadline – Wednesday AM prior to your scheduled Thursday.  That gives me ample time to get it up and running.

6 – Re-post and share the links to help spread the good news!

What you get from me …

1 – I will publish your article on Thursday at 10:00 AM and I will send you a link to the published post.

2 – I will encourage my readers to visit your sites and I will share the post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

3 – The post will be added to my Guest Bloggers page so readers will have an opportunity to find you again and again.

4 – You may be invited back from time to time!

I hope that this project is beneficial for both of us.  I see it adding value and depth to my blog and hopefully driving reader traffic to your sites as well as mine.

Have fun with it!

I look forward to hearing from you! Remember to comment below or email me at with "Guest Blogger Thursday" in the subject line.

Happy Running!