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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesdays Training Tip: Examine your soles

Welcome to Tuesday’s Training Tip!  Today’s tip is to examine your soles. Take a look at the tread wear on the bottom of your running shoes. It can tell you a lot!
If you’ve been following this blog then you already know that I have been whining about Achilles tendonitis. You also know that I recently felt impressed to take a look at the wear patterns on my shoes.  The wear patterns indicated that I was heel striking with my left foot – pounding away at an already inflamed Achilles tendon.  (Notice the smoothness on the heel of the left shoe in the photo above.) The wear pattern showed me that I needed to change my gait or run a little lighter so I could land on the middle of my foot. I have made a conscious effort to do that and the tendon is improving!
Here are a few things you can learn by examining the soles of your running shoes.
·         Do you need to make corrections in your form?  Ideally, the wear pattern should be generalized with more wear in the middle of the shoe.

·         Are you favoring one leg?  Wear patterns should be similar on both shoes.

·         Do you need a different style of running shoe?  You made need help with this decision.  Take your worn shoes to a running store and have them help you discover which shoe is best for you. It’s worth it!

·         Is it time for new shoes?  If you have worn through any layers of the sole, you are past due!  Go get some new shoes!
The right pair of shoes coupled with proper form will help to keep you running and injury free.

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Happy Running!
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