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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wear them out!

All Asics but for the Pear Izumi pair
It’s no surprise that I am a hoarder.  I have confessed it publicly on more than one occasion and I am committed to overcoming this personality flaw – to a point.  I refuse to stop hoarding running shoes!  They just come in so handy.  When I retire a pair from logging miles on the road because the tread is worn and they no longer offer needed support, they get moved to the “I can wear these with jeans for shopping or other casual activity” pile.  As the pair that bumped them off the mileage list gets retired, they then get moved to the “biking” position followed by the “camping and hiking” designation.  Before they ever end up in the discard pile, they do an important stint as “yard and garden shoes.”  I currently have three pairs that are in good running condition. This is a record. Two of these pairs were obtained at no charge!  Take a look!
Can you spot the garden shoes?
I love my running shoes and I will hang onto them until they fall off my feet, or until they smell so bad they must be retired. They have been my companion through many miles and injuries.  I will not abandon them before their time!

Do you have something you cling to beyond its usefulness simply because it has served you well? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

Happy Running!