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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Talking Turkey

It is Thanksgiving week.  Last week got away from me and I found myself taking a seven day break. I didn’t plan to take the time off, it just kind of happened.  As with anything that takes effort, beginning again can be challenging. It was only seven days, but I had to do a bit of self-talk before I headed out the door.  I decided to take a new approach.  I have mentioned how I enjoy my new iPhone and the use of the MapMyRun app that gives me pace and distance updates. It is a very good tool, especially when training for a race, but this week I turned on some tunes and turned off the app.  I didn’t pay attention to my speed or distance.  I just ran.  I had a really great time!  I think it was a good week to run for fun.  After all, it’s Thanksgiving!  I am thankful that running can be fun, because just like life, sometimes it can be really hard.  Just like life, it’s worth it.  Have a happy Turkey Day and remember why we celebrate – because we can!