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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday’s Training Tip: Turn a corner

Today’s tip is a mental trick I use to keep me moving when I want to quit.  I’ve taught it to my middle school cross country runners and it works for them, too.
When I am on a run I choose a landmark and plan to run to that mark before taking a walking break.  I give myself permission to rest when I reach the goal.  It may be a crossroad or a driveway or mailbox.  Rural running offers fields, canals and ditch banks, even a tractor parked in the field that can be used for landmarks. 
Here is the mental trick.  Force yourself to run beyond the landmark – even if it’s only a few steps.  If I have chosen a crossroads or corner as my goal, I run around the corner.  Sometimes I only run ten steps around the corner or beyond the goal.  I often find, however, that I can keep going because I have endured through the difficult part of my run or the scenery has changed and I want to keep going
This mental trick can help you in other parts of your life.  If you think you can’t keep going, find a point to rest and then turn the corner. Hang in there a little longer than you thought you could.  Things might get easier!

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