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Monday, April 22, 2013

Everybody needs one of these!

Why didn’t I know about that!

This expression often comes out of my mouth when I discover that someone else has a piece of information that would make my life better in some fashion and I feel cheated that I had not known about it sooner.  Such was the case when I recently visited friends/relatives and my friend was carrying what looked like a large hook for a hanging pot.  I paid little attention to it until a noticed she had it slung over her shoulder while sitting on the sofa watching TV.  Now I was curious.

“What IS that?” I asked.

Her hubby chimed in, “It’s a TheraCane.”

“A what?”

“A TheraCane … for massaging your back.”

I finally understand the Amazon smile. 
I was SO HAPPY to get this box!
I watched as she held one end of the cane and worked a knob on the other into the knotted muscles in her back. I have a pretty good massager of my own (Hubby), but his hand tires quickly and he can’t always find the right spot between my shoulders, so when she offered, I jumped at the chance to give it a try. Incredible!  I shopped Amazon and bought one of my own.  I really hate to deny Hubby the chance to serve, but it is easier to find the knot than to explain to another where it is AND I get to control the pressure. My TheraCane has become a permanent fixture in my living room this week.  I highly recommend getting one of your own.  If it doesn’t work for you, you can always use it to hold a hanging pot!
P.S.  Runners:  The shorter knobs work great for massaging arches!

Happy Running!

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