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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beads, Books and Baubles

I’ve been tapping into a different side of my creativity lately and I am finding joy in it. These beaded bookmarks were originally an attempt to make my Etsy shop more visible. The cyber world is a crazy mathematical place and more items means more opportunity for buyers to find me.  In an attempt to sell more books (I’m not ashamed!) I found a new hobby.

The creative writing/publishing/book selling business is hard work. It’s fulfilling if you, like me, have a drive for communication and teaching through written word. I have discovered, quite by accident, that I also find fulfillment in creating beautiful things with my hands. Some will gasp! Some may call me a turncoat! You see, I have long shunned crafting and I have been quite free with my opinions. I feel pressured when a group activity is accompanied by painting, gluing, or even sewing – I prefer visiting. I especially dislike painting!

I’ll admit, I’m more than surprised. Stringing the beads, focusing on creating an attractive pattern and even taking photos of the finished product seem to relax and clear my mind. It’s like hitting the refresh button on a web page that isn’t responding.

I’m concerned about one thing … might my books get lost amongst the colorful sparkly beaded creations? That could backfire, could it not?

Happy Creating!
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