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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday's Training Tip: Dress in Layers

Today's training tip discusses what to wear during late winter-early spring outdoor workouts. Chances are you'll be cool and even cold when you begin your run or workout, but you'll want to shed a few layers when the workout and the sun (if there is any) warms you. Here are some head to toe tips to deal with changing temps.

Head - 
A headband is the best option because it will keep your ears warm and allow some of the heat your body generates from the run to escape through your head. When you get too warm, remove it and simply wrap it around your wrist twice. You won't know it's there and you don't need a pocket in which to stash it. 

Sunglasses, always. They will protect your eyes from sun, snow, sleet and the occasional bug!

Torso - 
Layers are the best bet hear. Wear a long sleeve wicking shirt next to your body another layer over it. A hoodie sweatshirt is great for temps in the mid and lower 30's. It can be removed and tied around your waist if you get too warm. A second long sleeve or short sleeve shirt is sufficient when temps climb into the 40's.

Hands - 
Wear a pair of gloves that are easy to discard or shove in a pocket. The $1 knit kind are my favorite. Cut a thumb out for cell phone texts and photo opportunities. They can be stowed in a pocket or easily carried along your route. Better yet, map your route with a loop about two miles into the run. You'll be ready to shed a few items and you can come back and pick up them up on your way home.

Legs - 
Legs can usually bear the cold with only a layer of running tights. The quads and hamstrings are big muscles that warm up quickly and generate a lot of heat.  

Feet - 
Unless it's below 20 degrees, your toes will be fine. Blisters are a bigger concern that cold toes, so make sure you wear socks that fit.  Shoes should be tight enough to prevent slipping and rubbing. Your toes will warm up in a couple miles. Blisters will plague you much longer!

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