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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Motivation to Run for Physical Health

I often hear people say, "You love to run." Correction: I don't especially love to run, but I love how running makes me feel - stronger, younger, healthier, happier. Those are the things that motivate me.  I'll admit that sometimes I don't want to run. Sometimes I need a reminder to motivate me to lace up my running shoes and step out the door. Those are the times I need to be reminded why I run.
I intend to be an octogenarian. It isn't really a lofty goal. You see, I come from a long line of octogenarians. It's in my genes. I also have stroke, Type II Diabetes, and heart disease as hereditary risk factors. And so … I run.
If I am going to be eighty-something or even ninety-something, I would like to keep my faculties as long as I can. What good does it do to reach a goal if one can't enjoy it once she arrives? And so … I run.

Running for Heart Health

Fear is a strong motivator. One of my greatest fears is to become debilitated by a stroke. Heart attack follows close behind stroke. One of the greatest benefits of running is improved heart health. We will look at statistics on the cardiovascular effects of running, as well as ways to recognize improvement in your own heart health.
A healthy heart for years to come is good motivation to run!

Running for Weight Control

Beginning runners might be surprised and a little disappointed when the number on the bathroom scale does not drop drastically. While there are a number of reasons for this perceived lack of progress, rest assured that things are changing for the better. You can feel motivated because muscle mass is improving. Things that once were soft are becoming firm. Your risk for Type II Diabetes is lower than it was before you began running and that is fantastic!
Runners are hungry! Watch for tips and encouragement to avoid over fueling or justifying too many snacks.

Running for Physical Endurance

Think of your favorite pastimes. From water-skiing and snow skiing to baking with the grandkids and hiking a mountain trail, your favorite hobbies will benefit from regular running. Fatigue is an enemy to us all. It can stop our fun or stop us in our tracks. Increased endurance gained through running will manifest itself in your ability to walk farther, play longer, and enjoy everyday activities more fully.
Watch for real life stories of improved physical endurance.

Running to Increase Physical Endurance on the Ski Hill

Running to Strengthen Bones and Joints

Don't believe the naysayers! Running makes you stronger. Weight bearing exercise builds bone and weight loss relieves pressure on joints. There is research to prove it, so watch this page for articles that support bone and joint health through running.

What better motivation than to know you are doing something that may prolong your life and make it more enjoyable along the way? I'm a granny and its the best job I've ever had! I want to enjoy it for many years to come!

Why do you run? Please share your motivation tips in the comments below.

Happy Running!
- Carol aka Running Granny Green
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