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Monday, April 4, 2016

Morning vs. Afternoon. What works for you?

I have a busy day ahead so this morning I got out the door earlier than usual. When the weather is warm I like to get my run done early in the day before the temperatures climb. However, winter weather, wind, and lack of daylight are deterrents and I have found that my “wait until later in the day” practice is undermining my good intentions. I often have to abort the run because other needs, wants, and obstacles occur. I determined that today would not be one of those days. 

My morning run was short – again, I was on a tight schedule. It was good, though, to get out, get moving, and get it over with! Surprisingly, I had a brief break in that tight schedule. It wasn’t long enough to have allowed me to work in a run, but because the run was already completed, I have a few minutes to blog about it and share this cool picture of the sunrise, cloudy sky, and green blades of wheat rising to greet me. 

What works best for you? Are you an early riser with most of your productivity happening before breakfast? Do you take your time waking up and find afternoons the most productive part of your day? Are you still striving to find the secret to productivity? Don’t worry – a lot of us are in the same boat. Keep trying. Perhaps you need to look at the road behind to see how far you have come.

Happy Running!

Carol - aka Running Granny Green
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