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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday's Training Tip: Recover with a hot springs soak

Gold Fork Hot Springs
I love natural hot springs. Perhaps my affinity for them comes from my years growing up in Lava Hot Springs soaking in the soothing hot mineral waters emerging from deep within the ground. There are few things as relaxing as lazing about in hot water – rain or shine.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll note that I chose to squeeze in a quick run early yesterday because I had a full day planned. The full day included a trip to Gold Fork with some of my family members. As we soaked in Gold Fork Hot Springs’ waters there was a combination of rain, sun, wind, and even snow! That’s normal. It’s April in Idaho.

Aside from relaxing, the warm water was therapeutic. My quick short run yesterday included some sprint/speed work. That kind of workout usually results in sore quadriceps (among other large muscles) the following day. I am happy to report that my legs feel great! Although I am embarrassed to admit that my cool down and stretching post run was lacking, my soak in natural hot water made up for it. Oh, that I had a little hot spring of my own in my backyard!

If you are fortunate as I to live in the mountainous northwest, you probably have some favorite soaking spots of your own. They are plentiful, especially in Idaho. Here are just a few of my preferred hot waters:

The next time you are in need of a good soak, visit this hot springs guide at Visit Idaho to find the perfect spot near you!

Happy Running!

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