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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Guest Blogger: Savanna writes about taking the plunge toward your dreams

My name is Savanna Taylor. I was born and raised in a small town called Parma, Idaho (perhaps you have heard of it?) After getting my degree in History Education, my husband Brycen got accepted to the Healthcare Administration program at WSU in Spokane, WA. We have one crazy daughter named Addlee who is smart, spunky, and has a lot of curly hair. I love a good book, anything that has to do with Real Housewives on Bravo, my family, shopping, and my religion. I love to blog, it is such a great outlet (even if being a mom might come first to updating it)!

Taking the Plunge

Last time I was a guest blogger for Carol, my life was totally different. I was in this limbo of where I wanted to go next. It is amazing how life works out, we moved, my husband got a job, and we bought a house. That is a significant amount of change I would say. It has been a crazy adventure, but a fun one. When we were in transition we lived with my parents in Parma, and it was a really awesome experience. I loved living with my parents, and Addlee loved that she got to see grandma and grandpa every day! My life has transformed even more lately, and I have taken an incredible journey of starting my own business.

While living there this summer we got invited to a LuLaRoe party. If you know me I really am not a fan of home parties. I just feel so much pressure to buy something, and I don’t like that. LuLaRoe is a clothing line though, and I LOVE clothes! When I went I was impressed with the sizes and variety. As a curvy girl finding clothes that I love and that look good on me are pretty much impossible. I make it work though, and after finding LuLaRoe, I fell in love. Soon I was on Facebook trying to find more clothes. Here is the catch of it, each consultant has the same styles but different prints. So if you want a pair of leggings with purple dots you have to search, and then you become obsessed with finding it. It is so crazy! Soon I was in 100 different groups trying to find a certain dress or leggings. I needed an intervention!

I shared my obsession with my mom, who loves clothes probably more than me. She’s an amazing dresser, finds the best deals, and her outfits are on point (I learned from the best)! We helped each other find our “unicorns.” Yes, a unicorn, not the mythical creature of fairy tales, but a print that is rare or highly sought after. Side note – people are OBSESSED with finding their unicorn. Anyway, I started to think,” You know I could totally sell these clothes.”  Then I thought, “No, I don’t do direct sales,. I don’t do things like that.” The more I kept searching for more LuLaRoe, the more I thought I could totally sell it. My mom thought the same thing. Together with my sister-in-law’s and financial backing from my brother we took the plunge! We have been so successful, more than I ever dreamed.

The Rivercity Roe Team

The whole reason behind this whole story is the continuance of my last blog post, the point of not standing still or waiting for life to happen, but to dare to push yourself. Have I been busier than before? Yes. Am I potty training my two year old at the same time? Yes. I have also found something that I love to do, and as my husband told me, you found that spark you’ve been missing. I was happy, but I think I just needed to find something else that I loved and share it with others. It has helped my confidence grow, and seeing other’s confidence grow is the best feeling. I get to sell clothes that I love to other women who love it just as much as me!

So find something that you love to do, and share it with others! Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid that no one will support you, and don’t be afraid to push yourself. Those are the most important things I have learned. Mostly, don’t be afraid to push play on your dreams. You can do it! Don’t just put a toe in either. Jump in. ALL in! Even if you aren’t successful to the world’s standards, you pushed yourself and that reward is the best reward! 
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