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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Guest Blogger: Savanna writes about Moving Forward

My name is Savanna Taylor. I was born and raised in a small town called Parma, Idaho (perhaps you have heard of it?) After getting my degree in History Education, my husband Brycen got accepted to the Healthcare Administration program at WSU in Spokane, WA. We have one crazy daughter named Addlee who is smart, spunky, and has a lot of curly hair. I love a good book, anything that has to do with Real Housewives on Bravo, my family, shopping, and my religion. I love to blog, it is such a great outlet (even if being a mom might come first to updating it)!

Push Play

It seems lately that my life has been put on pause. It is waiting for the next “big step” in life. My husband is finishing up graduate school at Washington State University in Spokane and we are still jobless. So imagine that every time the phone rings you hope it is good news, or every email is a “can we have an interview?” email, but alas nothing. I have envisioned myself already living in seven different states before he even got a rejection letter. I didn’t want to buy a deeply discounted jacket for my baby for next winter because “what if I live in Arizona?” crossed my mind. I am silly that way. That is just one example though, of how I have been putting my life on hold lately. 
My family recently had some major changes happen in it (I will spare details, let us just say it changed the career path of several people) and all of the sudden I was left thinking that everything I knew as normal was suddenly well not normal. I thought, they should just stick it out, just let it blow over, just hit pause. Now I see though, that by pushing that play button of life and making things happen they found out how much happier they really can be.

Playing with a toy any way she wants!
I have found that if I hit pause on my life and wait for something to happen I often miss the most important parts of it. I miss the opportunities to hang out with my friends, continue to explore a city I have grown to love, and even the little moments with my small family. I have put off big decisions because I am waiting for the next scene of life. Like a movie, I am paused. I had the thought, “why am I not enjoying this life I have? Why am I waiting for life to happen?” Think of it like the lottery, you won’t win it if you don’t play it (granted your chances are very slim). Isn’t our life like the lottery though? Think of all the amazing things that you and I take for granted every day, hello we have running water! I just think of how we sit and wait for a trial to pass, or sit and wait for the rainy day to be over, or sit and wait for that clock to slowly click to 5:00 p.m. so we can leave only to rush home and sit in front of a TV. I love to watch my 18 month old daughter play. If she gets frustrated with something she just throws it down and moves on to something else. She doesn’t just sit there and wait, she reacts, and she moves on, she finds something else! We are not meant to be stagnant. Either we are moving forward or moving backward. There is no pause. So if we live life in this limbo we really are doing ourselves a disservice. Today I went to the store and I bought that discounted jacket, because even if I do live in Arizona, California, or Alaska I did something progressive. I planned for the future, I embraced this pause in life, I recognized it, and I decided to push play.

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