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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Guest Blogger: Nikki Writes about Sharing Traditions

Guest Blogger, Nikki, is back today with some counsel about sharing traditions with your children.  Nikki is an entrepreneur and owner of Bedhead Designs.  She is a homeschool mom who volunteers in her church and community.  Thanks, Nikki, for taking time to share your thoughts with us!

Every time I hear the word “Tradition,” I hear the song from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ in my head, and I yell, “TRADITION!”  Haha! The dictionary defines tradition as the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.
How do we go about sharing our ‘traditions’ with our families? I will share an idea with you!
Talk about current events with your kids. As you are talking about what’s going on, share with them your family values and beliefs about the topic. You can do this daily in a shorter devotional type setting, or once a week as you gather as a family to learn and play together in a Family Night.  It’s easy and can be a binding force and a comfort for your family.
Subscribe to a newspaper or two. If you can, choose a local one, and then a more national one so you can get a variety of current events. You can choose online or real newspaper. (You can even just do the Sunday edition if you don't want a bunch of papers piling up. There will be plenty to choose from all week!) I like real newspaper because we can gather around it, and choose one that jumps out at us. Let the kids pick sometimes (or all the time), it will get them more interested. Once you have picked a topic, read the article out loud and start the discussion. Ask them pointed thinking questions. Then tie it into your beliefs and values. My kids range in age from 14 down to 5. Sometimes the topic may be over some heads, but they will glean something from it. There is usually one big simple truth you can teach everyone and get more detailed with the older ones as they ask. AND LET THEM ASK! Open it up to them so it isn't just you up there expounding. Be sure to get down on their level so they know this is a time to ask real (and sometimes hard or scary) questions. This will be a great way to keep the channels of communication open with your kids. If you are sharing a range of topics, even the touchy ones, they will see that it's totally cool to talk about anything with Mom or Dad. THAT IS SO IMPORTANT!
I am a strong believer in sharing my customs and beliefs with my children! I think it is wise to give them a foundation on which to build. As they go about their life, they will come to crossroads, or uncharted waters. They will need to draw from somewhere or someone, what to do in this or that situation. If we have not shared what we believe or what we have done, what do they have to stand on? It is important for the next generation to know what we believe and how we did things. They can then decide if it’s something worth passing on. Sometimes, they are not, and it is wise to be choosy. If your beliefs are not shared, though, your children cannot judge them for themselves.
Winston Churchill said, “A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril.”
I think this quote can be used in a family situation, too.  Knowledge of family values can strengthen us in an hour of peril.  Start sharing with your families today. You will find a new closeness and strength to your family. You will be confident that your kids can make choices and discern what is right and right for them.
For more ideas on family closeness, visit Nikki's blog in the ‘Family’ tab.

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