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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday's TrainingTip: Wear Your Running Clothes

Even if it takes all day!
This Tuesday’s Training Tip is a simple one – wear your running clothes. I will admit that I don’t feel like running every morning when I get out of bed. In fact, there are often times that I lie there thinking of ways to get out of running that day.
I have learned this one simple trick.  If I get dressed and wear my running clothes, shoes included, something magical often happens. My brain recognizes that I am a runner. My clothes make me look and feel like a runner. It doesn’t always happen immediately and I think that is why it works. I am still telling myself that I don’t have to run today as I lace up my shoes. While my lazier self is still rationalizing a non-run day, the feel of my running clothes is gently reminding me that I am a runner and I will feel better after I have logged a few miles. Sometimes it takes all day before I actually get out the door, but rarely do I miss a run if I have first chosen to wear my running clothes.
I have long said, “Looking good is half the battle.” I am usually referring to a public speaking assignment or scholarship or job interview, but it holds true with running as well.  Get out of bed, wear your running clothes, shoes included, and you might find that you truly are a runner!
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Happy Running!
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