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Monday, November 10, 2014

More shoes, please!

It’s my birthday week and guess what I want for a gift?  That’s right, running shoes.  My hubby doesn’t think that new running shoes sounds very exciting, but he doesn’t understand. Nor do I understand why he needs so many ski jackets.  I have two – an old one and a not so old one.  They work great for me. He has many more.
My running shoe collection is something like this …

One pair of neutral (no stability) road shoes that are light and fast and feel very slick in the rain.  They are about ready for an upgrade.

One pair of stability shoes that have a tendency to jam a couple toes.  These are bright and pretty and also about ready for an upgrade.
One pair with lots of cushioning and better tread for dirt roads and trails.  Also on the “needs replaced” list.

Three more pairs that have been retired to yard work, camping, and hiking duty.
Okay, so maybe I can have more empathy for his ski jacket fetish.  He has one for blizzards, one for warm days, one for windy days, another for super cold days … If I get a new pair of shoes, I may need to get him a new coat – just to keep it even.

I am hoping to make a trip to The Pulse or Shu’s Idaho Running Company in the next few days.  They are my favorite running stores.  They both give great service and can help you find the right show for you. I promise to post pictures of my fancy new shoes once I have obtained them!
Do you have a fitness item you love? Tell us about it in the comments below.
Happy Running!
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