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Monday, November 17, 2014

What's up this week? Nov 17

What a difference a week can make!  We went from beautiful fall sunsets to sparkling white snow and single digit temps almost overnight! That's early for the Treasure Valley, but there is no complaining going on here.  We need the snowpack!

Here is a reminder that there is beauty to be found even in adversity.

My frozen pond.
In other news …
Here is what you can expect from the blog this week.

Tuesday – Tuesday's Training Tip will address what to wear.

Wednesday  - I will post another excerpt from my next book, The Hard Run: Painful Lessons from a Running Granny. You can pre-order it now on Etsy!

Guest Blogger Thursday – This week’s guest is my friend, Nikki.  She is a stay-at-home mom, home schooler, and successful entrepreneur. Her work was recently featured in a national publication! Nikki writes about following your dreams.
Food Friday – Another festive recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers is on its way.  Watch for my directions for Enchilada Suizas con Turquia! Who knows? I may throw in a dessert recipe just for fun.

What information would you like to see included on this blog site? Please comment with questions or ideas for future posts and as always …

Happy Running!