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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Another sneak peek from my next book

Here is another sneak peek from my current writing project. This book has a different focus than my previous works. It’s coming together and on schedule to be released shortly after the beginning of 2015, just in time to get everyone excited about the racing season – OR NOT if that isn’t your thing.

This excerpt is from the "Runners' Knees Lesson."

"Things were going well until I decided to dodge an oncoming car. I was certain it was headed straight for me. That is when I located a chunk of missing pavement with my left foot. I rolled my ankle and went down fast, landing hard on my right knee.  I did a quick assessment for possible injuries.  The ankle was sore, but strong. My knee, however, didn’t fare as well.  I left a bit of it on the road along with a part of my running tights. 

Three days later I was running the same route in the daylight with some middle school cross country runners.  Things were going well until one little guy decided to trip on the edge of the pavement.  He went down fast, landing hard on his right knee. He also left a bit of flesh on the road! I convinced him to walk for a bit.  He eventually began a slow jog and then finished the run!  We took a photo of our matching runners’ knees and developed mutual respect for one another.  It was a bonding experience!

What did I learn from the Runners’ Knees Lesson?

Shared trials can create and strengthen lasting relationships.  Think about an old roommate from college.  You studied, starved, and stayed up too late together.  Prior to those experiences you may never have sought her out in a crowd. However, the time spent together as struggling young adults cemented your friendship and you still send Christmas cards to one another. 
Some friends have been made by experiencing the same trials, although not at the same times, such as those who reached out to me in friendship and understanding after the sorrow of miscarriage. Their ability to empathize came from a difficulty of their own.  Although they were no longer in the middle of the same trial, their ability to express understanding at a time when it was greatly needed left a lasting impression on me.  For some, I can remember the very instant they reached out to me, where we were, and especially how it made me feel.  It gave me hope."

Do you have a friendship that was forged through a shared experience? I would love to hear about it.

Happy Running!

Watch for The Hard Run: Painful Lessons from a Running Granny due for release in January 2015.