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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guest Blogger: Donetta writes about courage

Donetta Loya was born and raised in Arizona. She moved to Parma, Idaho eleven years ago with her family. She is a wife of 31 years, a mother of 6 children and a grandmother of 8.
     Donetta attended Eastern Arizona College. She has been a home-schooling mom for 17 years, a piano and voice teacher for 28 years. Her most recent accomplishment is fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming an author. Her first book was published May 2013. Since then she has
published 10 different books—3 fiction novels and 2 novellas,  a woman’s inspirational, 2 journals, an organizer and a children’s cookbook with her 12 year old daughter, Gretchen.
     Donetta also loves to read, garden, sew, and watch classic movies.

Thanks Carol for asking me to be one of your guest bloggers. Hmmm….

Where to start?

     I recently added a section to my blog called “A Happy Homemaker.” I love being a wife and mother! I have been lucky enough to be a stay-home mom for many years.  I thought of my homeschooling experiences, my years of teaching music. I thought of my recent bout with cancer that lead to my leap into becoming an author. I thought of my spiritual experiences and the blessing my life has been filled with over the past few years. I thought of how great it is to just be alive!

     I realized then that the message I want to share was to tell you that you can be anything you set your mind to! There is no limit to what we are capable of accomplishing. The trouble is beginning and making that change.

    I have a cross stitch saying on my wall that I found the first year I was married. “Each Moment is a New Beginning.” These words have influenced me for years. I see them every morning when I wake up.

This phrase can be applied to life in so many ways.

     Begin again if you find yourself heading in a direction you know doesn’t feel right. Start over when you have offended someone, apologize and go forward. Stop and start again if the project you have been working on just isn’t working out. Sometimes these things are hard to do, but you can!

     So many times we find ourselves in a rut, but you are afraid to stop and change the direction you have been going. We keep plowing ahead because we have always gone in that direction. It is like Dr. Seuss’ Zaks. A north going Zak and a south going Zak meet up. Each standing in the path of the other. Well, these obstinate beings would not budge—not to the east, not to the west. So they stood there not advancing, not progressing, because they were so stubborn about changing their course.

    Sometimes we are just like those Zaks. We tell ourselves that we have to keep on the same path, keep doing the same things because that is just how it is! Our family did it, the community expects it … excuses. So many excuses stand in our way of taking that leap of faith in ourselves to be able to stop the nowhere direction we are going and take the steps to begin accomplishing our dreams.

     I have always dreamed of writing a book. But it wasn’t until I found out I had cancer to realize that I hadn’t done everything I wanted to do yet! I still had goals that I had not achieved. Of course, truth be told. If I had not had those months of healing and being forced to change my course, I would not have started writing again. I would not have published my book, “Darla’s Decision.”

     So I say to you--Be brave and make the change!  If there is something you have always wanted to do—then just do it! Make your plan and go for it! Don’t wait until it’s almost too late to even have your new beginning.

You can also find Donetta on Facebook and Google+. Her books can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Some books are available on kindle and nook. Or finds more info on A Happy Homemaker.
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