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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Training Tip: What to wear?

Running in an inversion!
You’ve made the mental commitment and worked to conquer your fear – now what? It is time to don some gear and hit the road.  What will you wear?
Feet – It’s all about the shoes. Shoes are the most important piece of equipment for any runner.  You will find that runners spend more time talking about their shoes than their running playlists, favorite smoothie recipes, or even the weather.  You can begin without a fancy new pair, but if you plan to continue running it would be wise to visit a running store and get a good fit.  The right shoes may cost a little more than clearance gym shoes at an all-purpose shoe store, but they will be worth it and your feet will thank you! Socks will take some experimentation.  Some runners don’t wear any.  Others like them thick. For some, it’s all about the look!

The rest of your attire is up to you. There is no need to purchase a new wardrobe before beginning. Runners can wear anything that keeps them comfortable.  Here are a few ideas …

Legs - I prefer spandex on my legs in hot or cold weather because it keeps me covered and prevents chafing! (Yes, we runners talk about things like that.) However, a pair of sweatpants or gym shorts will do just fine. Pockets come in handy for carrying car keys, phones, and Chapstick. I have found that my legs can weather the cold or hot better than the rest of me.
Torso - Winter running can be deceiving.  Layer up and be prepared to shed some clothing.  The first few minutes may be frigid, but it’s called a “warm up” for a reason. Once you get your heart pumping the cold won’t be so bothersome. Wear a sweatshirt or other outer layer that can be easily removed and tied around your waist or tossed aside for later retrieval.  Ladies, you’re going to want a sports bra.

Head – I prefer a headband over a cap for this one reason.  When I get warm, I can remove the headband, twist it in two and wear it on my wrist.  It doesn’t get lost and I don’t worry if it was tucked safely in a pocket. The hood of your sweatshirt can be pulled over the headband if the weather gets really nasty. Sunglasses are also a bonus and they will help you get over yourself.
Hands - I know one runner that wears socks on his hands during cold weather rather than gloves because he likes to keep his fingers snuggled up together.  I like cheap knitted gloves, the kind you find at the checkout counter in groceries stores during the winter for about a dollar.  They can be stashed in a pocket when my hands get warm and if I lose one I am not out much except for the guilt I have about littering.

Warm weather presents its own problems. How will you keep covered and prevent heatstroke?  We will address that in another post.  It is currently 7◦ at my house.  Hot weather tips can wait!
So what are you waiting for?  Put on a few layers and get moving!

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Happy Running!
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