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Monday, July 29, 2013

About my new Pearl Izumi Runners

There's mud on my new shoes!

I promised a product review of my new Pearl Izumi Project Emotion running shoes courtesy of Shu's Idaho Running Co. so here it is.
I have been running in Asics Kayanos.  They have a lot of stability and cushioning and I LOVE them!  I thought that a free pair of shoes meant it was a good time to try a neutral runner.  I was right!  I recently competed in the 2013 Burley Spudman Triathlon – more on that later.  I took my new shoes for two short runs before the 10K leg of the Spudman and decided to try them out in a race.  So, after about ten miles with the new shoes, this is what I know.
The Pearl Izumis are LIGHT and comfortable! The upper is soft all over and I have no toe/nail/blister problems after a six mile run.
Definitely a road shoe as the sole is very smooth.  They were okay over 2 miles of dirt and gravel during the race. We had a little rain and they felt slippery on the wet pavement.
The verdict?  The Pearl Izumi Project Emotion is a great road racing shoe, but I wouldn’t recommend them for wet conditions.  It is oh, so comfortable!  I will stick with my Asics Kayanos for off-road and inclement weather.  They are heavier and I still think they are a very good training shoe.  I will save the PI’s for days when I need speed or I am feeling self-indulgent or when my toes feel beat up from a long run in the Asics.
Two great pairs of shoes - one happy runner!

Mud.  Proof that they've been worn off-road.