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Monday, July 8, 2013

A little bit of running and a lot of grandmothering ...

I am just checking in.  It is a busy summer with half marathon training and grandchildren visiting.  Not much time for blogging.  I have a few minutes while my youngest granddaughter and I share a snack of cheese, crackers, and some great big ruffled potato chips.  (Don't tell her mom!) 
Our construction:  Backyard Fairy Castle
Running - One more three mile run before race day on Saturday.  I was ever so grateful that last Saturday was the last long run on the schedule! I think I'm ready to scale it back just a bit.
Grandmothering - Sadly, the grandkids will be leaving the day after the race. We have baked, camped, boated, snacked, lazed, constructed, and visited all while trying to maintain a training regimen.  It has been fun getting reacquainted.  Grandchildren are one of life's great rewards.
I will report after the race.  It may take a few days as I will have grandkids to hug and tears to dry.  Oh ... and a few sore muscles to be sure!