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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday's Training Tip: Mental tricks

Running is mental, at least that’s what a lot of people say.  I can tell you that when my lungs are burning and my legs are hurting that running is not just mental – it’s definitely physical! However, there is a mental aspect. How much discomfort can your brain allow you to handle? How much negative self-talk can your brain squelch? How much do you desire to keep moving even when everything else is telling you to stop? Those answers will come as you continue to pursue this activity we call “running.”
Here are a few simple tips to help you overcome the need to stop.

Pick a stopping point, and then run past it. It might be a telephone pole, a driveway, or a crossroad. It doesn’t matter.  Just look ahead and decide, “I can run to that point.” Determine to always run past the stopping point. Turn the corner, run up the driveway, or run to the next telephone pole.  Going a little farther will grow confidence and endurance.
Add distance at the beginning of your route.  If you usually run a mile before resting, or even a three mile loop, add some distance at the beginning of your route. Begin with a half mile.  Your brain is used to running through the end of that “usual” route. If you add distance to the beginning, when you reach a familiar spot your mind will say, “Oh, I know how far this is.  I can run that far.”

Find someone to pass.  During the Grand Teton Relay I had six “kills.”  This was mostly because I was running the easiest legs. (Teams put their weakest runners on the easiest legs.) It might not be nice, but it will give you a mental boost to pass another runner.

Dress the part. Whether you are a runner, biker, or swimmer make sure your gear helps you feel like you are just that – a runner, biker, or swimmer.
Blog about your run. Instagram your hike. Keep a journal.  Use MapmyRun or RunKeeper. Use whatever tools you need to stay accountable.

Yes, part of running IS mental, but these tricks will help convince you to keep going.
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Happy Running!