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Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Mood Mender - Thoughts about racing


The worst part of any race is the beginning and the middle. The beginning is hard because one is nervous. “Did I get enough sleep? Do I have enough fuel? What if I need a restroom? Can I really run this far today? I’m not warmed up!” The middle is difficult because, well one is running … and running … and running. “Will it ever end?” It is nearly impossible to take it easy during a race. Why would you? It’s a race! Well, it’s not really a race, and yet it is. Racing tends to push one to her limit and that is always uncomfortable. During a race lungs burn, legs ache and sometimes cramp, blisters form, and clothing rubs rashes in terrible places. Faster runners pass by and that is discouraging.
The best part about a race is the end! Actually, it is a few minutes after the end when the runner has caught her breath, cooled down, drained a bottle of chocolate milk, and in my case, removed her shoes and donned flip flops. Oh, the relief of removing the shoes that have cradled my feet during a race, protected them from the ground beneath, rubbed terrible blisters, and jammed toe nails that will eventually fall off. 
Whether I am training for a race or just getting in a good workout, I always feel better when the run is over. The knowledge that I have completed a challenge is good for my self-esteem. The luxury of strolling home as I cool down after a demanding workout is also a physical pleasure.
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Happy Running!