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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Guest Blogger: Paulee writes about decorating for you

Meet Paulee, a wife, mother, farm girl, artist, and favorite team member of mine!  Paulee has an eye for style and enjoys helping others work with the things they already have to make their homes a reflection of themselves.  She shares tips on Facebook as Perspective by Paulee.

Why do I like to decorate?  Is it to Wow? No, it is to create a beautiful space and to share moments with those I love, my family, and friends. It is to create a place where traditions are shared, and to bring people together in a comfortable setting. It is a place where I can feel relaxed and safe.  Decorating is a constant forward motion; it invigorates me and rejuvenates my spirit.  It lets me exercise my creative side and it brings me peace, happiness and joy. I think this quote says it all.
"Decoration is really all about creating a quality of life, and a beauty within that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful.  That’s what all this is about, not just what’s in and what’s out."
                                                                                                -Albert Hadley
Decorate with what is beautiful and with what nourishes your soul.  That is good advice. I would also like to add decorate with what inspires you. Decide if you want your room to look collected or decorated.  Collected is a style of decorating which embraces one’s eclectic, personal treasures by combining them with other items with divergent styles.  It is design without conventional rules.  Decorated conforms more to conventional rules and looks just like it says decorated. 
January is the perfect time to find a few objects that are beautiful and inspire you.  You can snag a few freebees’ if you just look around.  People are putting Christmas away and making room for all the new stuff they got from Santa Claus. The foggy overcast days make us pine for spring and so we clean up and clean out. Just the other day I had a friend call that was remodeling his shop and office.  He is in the upholstery business and was getting rid of pictures that he had acquired over the years in some of his restaurant remodels. I found some pictures I loved. If I find something I love, I usually get it.  If I don’t, I always get home and wish that I had.  I took home seven pictures.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with them; I just knew I wanted them, and that liked them.  It just so happened that three of them looked great in my Living room, and the fourth one found a home on the wall in my husband’s office. 

I have discovered that if I find something I love, there will always be a place for it in the end. So stick to the things you love. Pictures are a great way to change up a room without making a big commitment.  Decorating in a collected way makes it easy to incorporate your finds. 
Everything that matters requires risk. So take some risk this month and have some fun decorating your home!
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