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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A little more about Niagara

That's a lot of water! We could use some of it in the Treasure Valley.
If you  read this blog very often then you know that I write about perspective on a regular basis.  If you've followed this week then you know that I visited Niagara Falls recently.  It was breathtaking, both for its beauty and the biting wind!

Ice everywhere.
The riverbed below the falls was full of ice and the mist coated everything in a smooth layer of ice.  It looks like snow, but it is solid! The sign below was found in the visitor's center.
Easy directions to follow as this one won't open.
And the ice conditions were truly a problem for doors.  This is a view of the ice filling the pathway outside the entrance.  It's about four feet high - a buildup of ice from the mist of the falls.  Pretty cool, even if it does present "an inconvenience."

It's all ice!
So ... take a minute and think about the things in your life that are inconvenient.  Perhaps they are just pieces to a bigger, more beautiful picture.
Question: What adverse conditions have you experienced that have caused you to grow?
Happy Running!