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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Guest Blogger: Randall writes about depression and hope

Meet Randall, a husband, father of five, and successful battler of mental illness.  Randall tells how he found hope and wellness through alternative treatment.  He loves running and is an outdoor enthusiast, but his favorite role is that of husband and father. Thank you, Randall for sharing this important and sensitive story.  You can visit Randall's website and Facebook page, Mental Health and Well Being for Families, to learn more.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."  Robert Frost.    That quote from the legendary poet sums up my battle with depression.   Eighteen years ago I received a life sentence of bipolarity and severe anxiety.  I don’t fault the psychiatrist for my instant feeling of hopelessness, when he very frankly told me that I would need to be on medication the rest of my life, but his truth hurt badly. My wife was shocked. I was desperate.
And then Gina and I became travelers on an incredible journey from illness to health, from hopelessness to hopeful, then to healing; and finally to helping others.      

I won’t describe in any detail what I had experienced in my life up to that day when I sought medical help.  Suffice it to say, I experienced the dark abyss of suicidal thoughts, deep depression, and an anxiety that would move in, gripping my whole body and leaving me bedridden for days.  

Everyone told me medication was the answer.  I hoped it would make everything better, and that I would be restored to health and happiness.  But, no, medication would not prove to be the answer for me.  Over a period of 4 years I went on and off 15 different medications.  Some were sedating.  Others made things worse, much worse.  If the medications helped at all, the side effects were unbearable.  I was not living.  I was just existing.  
Then, in 1998 I received a package in the mail, that would change the course of my life, and I would come to experience full and complete happiness again.  Autumn Stringam, my sister-in-law in Canada, was battling bipolar depression.  She was at the point where her family could no longer take care of her, and she was about to be institutionalized.  What happened to save her, some say was an answer to prayers, a change in the stars, or a brilliant discovery – it was a powerful combination of natural supplements that would come to be known as EMPowerplus Q96.  The combination of potent micronutrients healed her, allowing her to live well and without medication and hospitalizations, and  I saw the same results. 

Gina and I are on a quest to help save individuals, marriages, families, careers, from the debilitating effects of depression and other illnesses that affect brain function. We share our stories with others and by so doing, share hope! After 18 years of research and private access to support from Canada, EMPowerplus Q96 is now available from an American company called Q Sciences! Miracles are happening for families all across this country. It is such a great thing see my personal miracle playing out in other lives over and over again!

Along the path I have learned many lessons, but these three are the most relevant today:

1.  The most travelled path may not be the one for you!

Anyone who has struggled with mental health issues knows that there is no one size fits all remedy. What might be good enough for my neighbor could be harmful or futile for me. I am grateful to have found a huge part of my answer in micronutrition and other answers in being aware of things that trigger depression or anxiety in me. The calm and increased coping ability that has come to me through EMPowerplus Q96 has changed everything about the way I see myself and the people around me. I am living deliberately and healing in a conscious way.

 2. No one is ever truly hopeless or beyond help.

I remember what it felt like to believe that things could never get better. Over the years, I have seen incredible changes come over people who have been 'written off' by the conventional medicine as "severely mentally ill," or even "borderline personality." There are many names for people who can't be helped with medications. I know that feeding the brain makes a difference in the way a person feels and behaves when they are feeling and behaving badly because of a micronutrient deficiency. Somehow, this miracle has become common sense to me, and not really a miracle at all.

3. The happiest messages beg to be shared.

Like religion, art, or charity, this discovery and the joy that it has brought to my whole family has made me a 'missionary' of sorts. When something is this good and this hopeful, every person of conscience cannot help but want to share it! it may not be the answer for every person who suffers, but I believe it must be ruled in or ruled out before a person can truly say they have done all that can be done concerning mental health. Autumn Stringam wrote a memoir called "A Promise of Hope" telling her family story about the brilliant discovery of EMPowerplus Q96. If you would like a copy of her book or a sample of EMPowerplus Q96, please contact me.

Randall Spencer
(208) 859-9501
You can follow Randall on Facebook or visit his website at
("A Promise of Hope - The Astonishing Story of a Woman Afflicted with Bipolar Disorder and the Miraculous Treatment That Cured Her" is written by Autumn Stringam, published by HarperCollins 2007 and available anywhere books are sold.) 
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