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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday's Training Tip: Chew some gum

This one might not sound like much of a tip.  In fact, I was skeptical.  When other runners mentioned that they couldn't get along without chewing gum on the run, I thought they were crazy. I was convinced that having a piece of gum in my mouth would present a choking hazard while I was gasping for breath! I don't remember why I decided to give it a try, but I'm glad I did.

Here are the benefits I discovered about chewing gum.
  • It gives your brain another distraction. (See Mental Tricks)
  • The rhythm of chewing helps you settle into a running rhythm.
  • In warm/hot weather gum is the next best thing to water!  It keeps your mouth lubricated and lessens the discomfort of a warm weather run.
  • It tastes good!
I use gum when I am riding a bike for the same reasons I use it on the run, and I have never choked! Give it a try.

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Happy Running!