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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Firsts of 2014

I ran across my post from last New Year’s Eve and as I looked over the list of firsts for 2013 I decided to see if I had done anything new in 2014. I believe in learning new things and continuing to push myself even if I am a granny.  I was surprised to see how many new things I had done!
First nap during the Grand Teton Relay

  • First run in Island Park and …
  • First solo night run.  It was amazing!
  • For the first time I visited a running store to be fit for running shoes. (I know – I tell everyone else to do this, but I confess I had never done this for myself.  So glad I did!)
  • It was the first time I have been to New York state. I’m going back!
  • First Tweet.
  • First Instagram post.

I would love to hear about what you did for the first time in the comments below.
Enjoy your New Year celebration!  Be safe and happy!

Happy Running!
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