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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday's Training Tip: Make it fun

Running, or any other form of cardio exercise, is not easy.  There will be discomfort, and sweat, and tired and sore muscles. You will want to quit. If you are going to stick with a new training plan you better find a way to enjoy it. It’s much easier to spend time doing things you love than things you detest, but what if you don’t love running? Well, I don’t love running.  Running loves me! That’s why I have to find things to enjoy on the run.
Last week we talked about the value of a running buddy. Let’s look at some other ways you can have fun on the run.

Music – Perhaps you are a closet Cyndi Lauper fan. Don’t laugh – I know someone who is. Save your True Colors for a lonely run. You can belt out the lyrics while you trot along.  You’ll be surprised how good you sound as a backup singer to your favorite band. Remember, girls just want to have fun!
Photo Shoot – I always carry my phone for safety. I have never had to call for help, but I have snapped a shot of a sunset or waterfowl I spied along the way.  Take a picture of that big hill you just conquered and share it with the world.

Document – Make a list of all the strange and exciting things you find along your route.  Why is there an empty toothpaste tube in the barrow pit by a corn field? How long has that squished frog, snake, or mouse been there? Those cows staring at you  - what are they thinking?
Achieve – If you are a competitive sort, set some time or mileage goals and check them off your list as you conquer each challenge. 

Look good – One of my motto’s is, “Looking good is half the battle.”  Find something fun to wear on the run that you wouldn’t wear anywhere else like crazy socks or neon tights. Share a picture of your outfit of the day on Twitter with hashtag #Runootd.
Walk – Give yourself permission to walk.  If you need a break, take one.  When you have caught your breath you can run farther. 

Write about it – You are bound to have an experience worth sharing. Go ahead, tell the world about it, or at least tell me!
  Comment below with your trick for keeping it fun on the run.
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Happy Running!