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Friday, March 4, 2016

Feeling Like a Runner Again!

I’m starting to feel like a runner again. It was a hard winter. I’m not talking about the weather. We’ve had much worse. I had trouble making myself get out the door. Most years I can force myself to run in the snow and even run through severe weather inversions, but this old lady was too tired, or too lazy, or too timid to stick to a routine. So I had to start over and that’s okay.

One problem with starting over is putting up with the loss of fitness that I experienced through my sedentary goodie filled winter. The first run was only two miles (with walking breaks) and it was hard! I’m feeling better now and acting more like a runner. 
Here are a few examples:

  • I check the weather each evening before bed to find out what time of day will be best for my run on the morrow.
  • The laundry basket is filling with sweaty workout clothes. I do that laundry first – not because it smells bad, but because I’m going to need it!
  • I’m examining the treads on the bottom of my shoes and thinking about the day I get to purchase new ones.
  • I’m using my running app – MapMyRun.
  • I’m yelling at dogs and documenting dogs at large with photos on my phone. (I could go on a real rant here. Suffice it to say that leash laws should be obeyed BEFORE an injury occurs.)
  • I’m recruiting Gang Green team members for the Grand Teton Relay 2016.
  • And … I’m talking about running – a lot!

It’s good to feel like a runner. I feel stronger – not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Sure, it could be the warmer weather with sunnier days, or it could be that I am actually running – away from dogs! When friends say, “You love to run,” my response is usually, “Not really, but Running loves me, because it makes other parts of my life better.”

What difficult thing do you do that makes your life better?
Happy Running!
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