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Friday, March 11, 2016

Death of a Pizza Stone

I’m in mourning today as I put to rest my Pampered Chef pizza stone that I have loved and used for many years! It was a good stone – never burning nor scorching my food. Its blackened surface fooled many into thinking it was forged from cast iron. It was well seasoned and oh so serviceable. It shall be missed.

My favorite things to bake on the stone were biscuits, melted cheese sandwiches, pizza and … NACHOS! That’s how it met its demise! We’ve been attempting to perfect the at home nacho creating method. I guess we got a little too enthusiastic about pre-heating the stone. As I removed the stone from the very hot oven to layer ingredients upon it, I heard a small pop – ever so faint – and looked around the kitchen for evidence. Nothing. I completed the assemblage of my almost perfect nachos and placed the creation in the oven for a few more minutes. I expected catastrophe at any moment, but nothing happened.

Having consumed the near perfect nachos, I allowed the stone to cool before removing it from the table. I gingerly lifted it from the table. That is when I heard a faint grating sound like bare feet on a dry beach. I bravely grabbed two sides of the stone and applied outward pressure. It happened! The stone split in two and I felt a little crack in my heart as it came apart!

That was three days ago. I still have the pieces. I’m thinking of creating some wall art from them. It’s just so hard to let it go!

Happy Running!
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