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Monday, March 21, 2016

4 Reasons to Choose Running

After a busy weekend I ventured out for a Monday morning run.  I was reminded, once again that too many treats and not enough fluids is a bad idea. The first mile was – hard! After some self-chastising I settled in and reflected. The truth is – the first mile is always hard. Every mile is hard.

One might ask, “If running is so hard, why do you do it?”

There isn’t one answer, nor are the answers the same for every runner.  Some benefits are immediate while others take months to manifest themselves. Here are a few of the reasons I run.

Flexibility – I’m not talking about physical flexibility, rather the ability to run whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. I don’t need a gym. I only need my shoes.

Cognition – My brain seems to work better after a run. Worldly worries appear less formidable. Perhaps this is because I feel strong after a run.

Accomplishment – Visualizing a course can be intimidating, but reviewing a course after pounding out a few miles creates a sense of triumph! “Hey! Look what I did!”

Community – Runners, like writers, are supportive of other runners. A runner never sees another runner and thinks, “That old girl is slow.” A runner sees another runner and thinks, “I wish I was running right now. Look at that runner! I’m so proud of her. I wonder if that runner needs a running partner. Wow, he’s fast!” And so on …

Have you thought about running, but need a little motivation to begin? Are you a fellow runner with reasons of your own to share? Sound off in the comments below. I’m curious. Tell me why you run or why you want to run. You can even tell me why you are anxious about beginning running! Let’s talk about it!

Happy Running!
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